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MoonX is an Engineering Powerhouse for Financial Excellence.

MoonX's mission is to connect the modern financial markets with our most innovative, fast and secure electronic trading technology.

Switzerland based, MoonX was established in 2018, with an aim to win the toughest engineering challenge that was once considered impossible. By combining creativity with engineering, MoonX built the 'FASTEST EXCHANGE TECHNOLOGY ON THE PLANET'. Our symbol 'X' represents our Exchange - a reflection of our Exchange technology excellence.

Great results are based on great inspiration. Exchange Technology design is no exception, especially as trading might be the industry most affected by the curse of routine, and this shows in lack of user-centricity. We believe there’s no chance to provide a delightful and enjoyable customer experience if you can’t step “out of the box.” Staying close to our customers, allowed us to be among the firsts to implement DLT in electronic trading space. We did it, and we perfected it.

MoonX 'Implication Engine' - the first-of-its-kind system allows users to convert their base trading currency into any desired asset-class, offering 99% deterministic price and liquidity even in illiquid markets. For instance, a user will be able to convert from THB to KRW without having to go through currency pairs. This improves liquidity and the trading volume, and at the same time provides a chance for every currency to compete with the rest. By abutting spread, the implied order functionality of MoonX increases liquidity even in illiquid markets. An impossible made possible, this is a result of 200+ years of combined experience to make the Exchange Technology - Speedy, Secure, Scalable, and Smart.

Simple can be harder than complex. Each year technology makes the world more complex for people to understand. So easy-to-use services for consumers are in particularly great demand. Traditional models in currency transfer come with higher remittance fees to cover the expenses related to payment processing. MoonX, with its top-notch algorithm, relieves users of the hefty fees levied by banks to send currencies across borders. Therefore, simplifying the lives of customers by offering them ease of transaction, deterministic rate and above all an unmatched speed 24x7.

While making trading technological impossibilities possible, today we are offering creative solutions as we advanced our capabilities and introduced the world an integrated electronic trading ecosystem. As a Bespoke Exchange Engineering Powerhouse, we offer MoonX Exchange Services, MoonX Custodial Service, MoonX Wallets, MoonX Risk Management System, MoonX Security Services and MoonX NOC/SOC services.

"We started to solve problems associated with end-end trading, phase by phase with few asset classes, now we have advanced to solve the global cross-border-cross-assets investments and trading, transforming the way data is stored and managed", said Dr. Nithin Palavalli

MoonX Exchange Technology supports more than 100 million accounts at peak scale with near-linear scaling architecture. The product is being built to support a larger account base with a higher transaction throughput per account. The system offers the industry’s lowest latency, accommodates exceptionally high throughput, and has in-built fault tolerance, risk management system and disaster recovery mode. With the throughput of several million transactions per second, ultra-lean design with advanced risk controls shall be incorporated for an ultimate customer experience.

In addition to the above sophistication that our product brings, our security standards protocol adds a compliance layer upon existing public blockchain technology, thus enabling the exchange of tokens only when compliance requirements are met. In other words, the security token protocol used by the MoonX platform embeds compliance requirements in the tradable tokens, making them available only to verified users. The surface layer allows the permanent address for the token to be maintained on the blockchain.

Constantly growing, MoonX is home to people with unshakable confidence and team culture. Built by leaders from Wall Street, & Stock Exchange Industry and talented experts from the BFSI sector, MoonX Global Team combines a passion for industry expertise and proven record in finance, development, marketing and licensing. We are committed to our vision to venture into a new set of opportunities in the financial capital market while fulfilling our duty towards society.

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